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Under the inspiring direction of Mr. Julian John, we have successfully established ourselves as a prominent player in the market. We offer repair service for the entire line of iPhones, iPads,iPods,iMacs,MacBooks and Apple TV systems. This comprises the entire MacBook Pro family, the iMac family and the MacBook and MacBook Pro systems. We have recently added support for Apple TVs and Mac Mini’s, that is as per the demands and requirements of our customers.

Zion Technologies is made up of people just like yourself

people who love their iPads, MacBook Pros,iPhones, Mobiles , Gadgets and other products. While the company President was searching for a better way to provide service and offer desirable accessories and parts, Zion Technologies was born.
We are an independent repair company not affiliated to any of the principals.
We are the leading Smartphones and Gadget repairs company in our domain giving upto one year warranty

iPhone 5C Repairs

IPHONE 5c SCREEN REPAIRS DELHI Have you dropped or smashed your iPhone 5c only to find out that the front […]


iPad Air Repairs

iPad Air Diagnostic service in Delhi Have you got a fault with your iPad Air  and you do not know […]


iPhone 5 Repairs

 iPhone 5 screen repairs Delhi Have you dropped or smashed your iPhone 5 only to find out that the front […]


iPod Repairs

We can repair all past and present iPod models, including the iPod Touch, Nano, Shuffle, Classic. We keep most parts […]


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