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If the infection is very severe or very persistent, the individual will almost certainly require prompt treatment when found to be in such poor health that, given the chance, medical care is available. (See Aids.) A broad-spectrum antimicrobial drug is usually the most effective medication for treating an acute infection, and there is widespread use of this medication in the treatment and prevention of certain bacterial diseases. It is also not uncommon When symptoms are severe enough, the patient may be put under general anesthesia, and/or the patient’s death is imminent.
Antibiotics have been an effective treatment for a wide variety of bacterial infections, including acute and chronic urinary tract infections, sepsis, bacterial overgrowth of infected vessels and soft tissue, and certain parasitic diseases, https://elitemedshop.com/. Most antibiotics now are considered to be non-toxic or safe. They are sometimes also used in the treatment of the common cold. In addition to being used for the treatment of bacterial infections, they are thought to be effective against viral infections. Some antibiotics also are used in the immunology field for the treatment of some of the other types of conditions. Antibiotics are also used to treat some forms of cancer.