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About Us

We offer repair service for the entire line of iPhones, iPads, Apple iWatch, iMacs, MacBooks Portable Mac and Apple TV systems.

Amazing Iphone ,Ipad ,Iwatch and Apple Macbook Air and Pro repairs by Apple Repair Experts in Delhi NCR - ZION !!!🥇

ZION – An expert in its domain. Established in 1997,, the company possesses rich expertise in sorting out any problem related to Apple products. An experienced Apple repair centre near you to make you smile again 😄

The Vision – Under the inspiring direction of Mr Julian John, we have successfully established ourselves as a prominent player in the market. Having the best repair service for the entire line of iPhones, ranging from early ones to 11/12/13 pro, iPads from iPad mini/iPad Air/ iPad Pro,iMacs, MacBooks M1 chipsets ranging from Macbook Air 13″ /Macbook Pro 13″ to Macbook Pro 16″, and Apple TV systems. Offering all hardware and software solutions on Apple including all major problems by upgrading, replacing and repair of damaged hardware that is as per the demands and requirements of our customers.

Being on the board of IIT Delhi ,i obviously trusted my students' blogs about technical repairs .However when i broke my Apple watch smack down on the floor ,I consulted them and they forwarded me to JOhn at Zion .But before that i thought of giving a shot at Apple centre .The guys were pretty humble and said as its broken so 28000/ would be the cost in which they would replace and not repair it .I then forwarded the watch to Zion and they were able to sort out my problem at a fraction of Apple with the same warranty and also a free iwatch screen guard for further protection.I guess companies like Zion are the way forward for Apple .

thumb Ramagopal Rao
October 14, 2019

My iPhone X was not charging and it went dead ,so i took it Apple service centre they declared it as a dead phone and asked me to replace the phone at 55000/ which i thought was preposterous, I for a second though of going ahead. But just because i needed the data ,i thought of giving it a shot for repairs .One of my friends told me about John so i took it to him .His engineer just cleaned the bottom connecting port there was some dirt which had solidified and hindering the connectivity ...he cleaned ,it connected and started showing the battery sign ....I mean this guy saved me 55000/ imagine .so i asked him how much should i pay ..he said nothing .So i am putting this review as a mark of appreciation and respect for the good work John and his team are putting in .I highly recommend John and his team for Apple .I guess instead of Apple these guys should be the primary GO TO guys for apple problems....

thumb Anil Gupta
April 29, 2019

The best part about their service is the transparency .You can actually sit and see which part is being changed and you are being charged for that part and there is no hanky panky which usually happens in many centres .I had an extremely unsatisfactory experience with a so-called PICK and Drop company they picked it all right but instead of repairing they changed my original display and put in a fake one .

thumb Krishan Pahuja
August 29, 2019
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