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MacBook / iMac Repair

If you have a macbook pro and you need it repaired fast, call us now. As a Delhi NCR based Apple macbook repair centre, we can help with everything from apple repair to apple upgrades and of course Macbook’s repair. Whether you work with an imac, macbook, macbook pro or any other type of laptop or computer, as long as it is a mac, we can help. So why wait? Call us today or contact us using the contact us form. All we need to know is the type of apple macintosh that you have and the nature of the problem and we will be able to tell you how we can help you.

Here are some more reasons why you should choose ZION TECHNOLOGIES to fix your Mac

• Free Diagnostic service

Totally free diagnostic service if you proceed with the repair.

• Over 21 years experience

We started working on Macs just 17 years after the first Macintosh was released, I think it is safe to say we are veterans in the business.

• Nationwide service

We can collect your Mac anywhere in the Delhi NCR, and we will drop it back again when it is fixed, all free of charge.

• Component level repairs

Unlike the Apple Store, we fix logic boards and graphics cards to component level, this results in significant cost saving to you.

in some cases our warranty exceeds the apple store too…

• Fast turnaround

Most repairs completed within 1-2 days of receiving your machine.

• All work guaranteed

All work is guaranteed for 90 days, the same as the Apple Store.

Macbook Logic board repairs, Macbook pro glass and screen replacements, GPU repairs, macbook pro liquid damage Repair, hard drive recovery and replacement, HHD – SSD hard drive upgrades, PSU replacement, the list goes on. If your MacBook is broken, chances are we can bring it back to life.

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